170 - Awesome - Pom Wtrmln

Awesome – Pom Wtrmln – Kill Cliff

Item: 170

24/12 oz

We’ve captured the Flavor of America with the Official Drink of Freedom. Double Awesomeness is now packed with DOUBLE AMERICANNESS. Still naturally sweetened, we’ve upgraded the flavor to a Pomegranate Punch (it hurts so good!) clocking in at only 15 calories. It’s bald eagle approved and dressed up to get down in a red, white and blue camo can. If you choose to accept mission deliciousness, you’re in for a good ol’ U-S-of-A lip-licking good time. Know that when you crack open a can of DOUBLE AMERICANNESS, you’re not just doing it for you — you’re doing it for your (flavor) country.

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